Success Stories

One-on-one training that spotlights your goals

Success Stories

One-on-one training that spotlights your goals.

“I worked with Jacqueline to recover from a torn ACL without surgery. She patiently guided me, in my apartment building gym and through water-based workouts, to build leg strength to support my knee and improve my balance. I highly recommend Jacqueline to anyone that wants to get in shape and on the road to health.” – Lenora L., NYC

“It’s almost impossible to express how lucky I feel to work with Jacqueline. She understands bodies and how to help people (like me) move from reluctant to eager exercisers. I love that I can work out in my apartment. Jacqueline tailors my exercises to fit my growing strength. She is also fun to work with. I am delighted with the results.” – Sondra P., NYC

“I worked with Jacqueline for five months in 2019 to prepare for spinal fusion surgery. I love how patient and supportive Jacqueline was. I improved my core strength, my posture, and I can move with much less pain. I am confident my spinal surgery recovery will be better because of working with Jacqueline.” – Carolyn S., NYC

“As a result of working with Jacqueline over three months, I lost 8 pounds. My balance, which was poor, and my upper body strength, improved considerably. Additionally, I now fit into my clothes better. I feel better and exercise more effectively as I continue to improve.” – Susanna L., NYC

“I was extremely sedentary before I worked with Jacqueline. Now, I have resumed my life and am active for extended periods of time. I feel great and continue to work on my goal(s) of independent mental and physical fitness.” – Cleo B., NYC

“Jacqueline is a terrific Health and Wellness Coach. She guides you to set up realistic goals with humor and understanding. When you reach a goal, no matter how small, she is just as excited as you are.” – Shirley W., NYC