One-on-One Movement Coaching…
In Manhattan, or Online

No Distractions
No Crowds


One-on-One Movement Coaching…
In Your Manhattan Home, or Online

No Distractions
No Crowds

Manage and Relieve

Chronic Pain

Increase your quality of life with better movement.

Relieve hurting in your knees, shoulders, and back.

Manage injuries and chronic conditions by increasing balance, strength, and mobility.

I support your commitment, determination, and perseverance to live with less pain.

Moving Better, Hurting Less!


I know that regular exercise leads to a healthier, happier, and more productive life, My mission is to create a place where people with chronic disease, injuries, and medical conditions, have access to the same fitness resources as the healthy and fit. My goals are to offer safe and effective exercise programs for those with chronic conditions, and to meet the challenges faced with getting older and remaining active.

Based on the Upper West Side of Manhattan
Work with me in my private fitness facility, in your home, or remotely (online).