A Simple Way to Live Longer

Research shows that people with a positive outlook on life live significantly longer. A positive life view enhances the belief in our abilities, decreases perceived stress, and fosters healthful behaviors. And positive emotions broaden our sense of possibilities. Negative emotions, though, do the opposite. (Survival Advantage)

What Will Help

When we face a health crisis, actively cultivating positive emotions is indisputably linked to health benefits. The outcomes show we lower our blood pressure, reduce heart disease, and control our weight better.

You probably know what makes you feel good. Maybe it’s playing the guitar. Maybe it’s baking an apple pie, or ballroom dancing.

Researchers noticed that happy people cultivate new skills, which lead to feeling successful. Feeling successful results in more happiness, and the process repeats.

Two Activities that Increase Positive Thinking

Writing. (This research project resulted in amazing results after three months.) Write for 20 minutes about a positive experience. Repeat the writing activity for three consecutive days. (Health Benefits Writing)

 Playing. Schedule time to play into your day. I know there’s always time to do the stuff we think is important.

Where to Go from Here

Positive thinking isn’t only a fluffy, feel-good expression. Moments of happiness are critical for our healthy mind and body. Adding positive activities into our life — whether through writing or playing catch, can shape our future.

Audacious Living NYC™

In-Home Movement Coaching in Manhattan

My name is Jacqueline Gikow. Everyone’s journey starts somewhere. To begin with, I understand bodies, and how to support people who may not like working out. Most compelling, I make it easier for you move from a reluctant to eager exerciser. And you can do this without joining a gym (unless you want to).