4 Tips to Building a Positive Attitude

What do you need to be more excited about your life?

How would you design a happy moment?

Perhaps you remember this episode of the Mary Tyler Moore show:

Mary said (glumly, in distress), “I need a change. Every day, I get up in the morning, I go to work, I do my work, I come home, I eat dinner, and I go to sleep.”

And Ted (remember Ted?) replied, with glee. ”What you need to do is, GET UP in the morning, GO to work, DO your work, GO home, EAT your dinner, and GO to sleep.”

Boom! Attitude! Who expected that from Ted?

Attitude is Everything

The constant thing in our life is change and it has a dramatic impact on our lives. We can’t avoid it, because it finds us. It also challenges and forces us to reconsider how we live.

4 Steps to Consistent Peace of Mind

At times, changing our circumstances isn’t possible. Or it’s not possible quickly enough. Plus, we may want less drastic change. In any event, we want to be happier.

It’s possible to stop the cycle of wishing things were different by taking control of your thoughts and reactions.

  1. Breathe: First, take a deep breath. As a matter of fact, take a few. For one thing, this important step allows us to calm down and do the rest of the things on this list.
  2. Laugh: Laughter gives us an immediate positive mood boost. For this reason, it is linked to everything from improved physical health to a better social life. All in all, whether you crack a joke or a friend says something funny, humor is a key to our attitude.
  3. Practice any Skill: We develop any skill with practice. And it’s part of the process to mess up. It takes time become good at anything new. Practice by repeating #1 (breathe) and #2 (laugh).
  4. Practice Mindfulness: Mindfulness is paying attention and avoiding distraction. We don’t always notice the quality of our attention. But, it’s in the moment of awareness that we can connect to an experience. And not grasp or push it away.

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